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You can follow the live calls at this link... [Talkshoe] at 9pm EST(10pm in the summer months), Mondays. If you create a talkshoe account, you'll get a notification via email before the call.

If you perfer,you can shoot me an email at chris(at)hoaxbusterscall(dot)com to be put on a list to receive a notification without signing up at talkshoe.

You can call in to Hoax Busters Call Live Stream

Click on the “Join the Call Button” when it appears.

Call in instructions are at the bottom of the pop-up chat window.

Call in Number: 724-444-7444 Call ID: 90337#


  1. Will you still post a link to download the show on your website? I cannot find your show on Talkshoe after it has been broadcasted.

    1. I post the audios here on the blog..there's a download link to the file, it's a bit small an the lower right of the post.

  2. Hi Check the tides at Bulls Bay South Carolina ate 2:46 EDT as the moon passed over. Lowest tide of the year. low tide the same time days before and after. same time the moon is overhead. Why is the gravity of the moon AND the sun not making it higher tide? I know the answer - do you?

  3. What was the website you mentioned? something like messy messy chic?


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