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  1. Hello. I am a big fan of the show. Your material is always entertaining and thought provoking. I wanted to ask if you would not mind asking Jay Dyer a question the next time he appears on your show. I am sure you are familiar with Clint Richardsons work on Richard Grove from tragedy and hope. Jay recently had Richard on his podcast, and did not bring up any of that info. When I messaged Jay if he could ask Richard to address these issues, he deleted the comment, and later when I personally messaged him, he evaded the issue and told me to get a life. Would you ask jay to comment on clint richardsons work on richard grove?

    1. No one wants to talk about any of this, but from Richards perspective. I'm guessing it is because the pathological Jan Irvin is in the mix with that whole "lets out Rich" thing that Clint got suckered into,IMHO and somewhat informed position. It is a mess.

  2. I think you do a great job.

    I like your point on the media's push with the gay agenda and mixing gay rights with the mainstream propaganda meme that 'our' science can achieve miracles.

    Whichever way one wants to swing their bat is their business whether nature made them that way or they chose to be that way.

    But "Bruce Jenner" cannot become a woman.
    By this I mean specifically that a woman is defined as not the cultural or man made (artificial) construct- but a natural one. To do otherwise is insane.

    A woman obviously means a womb. A woman means the ability to not only generate life but to support it for nine months in a protective and nourishing environment, much like 'mother' Earth, does.

    "Bruce Jenner" cannot breast feed a baby.

    A tomato is a fruit despite not being sweet. Yet the mainstream insists otherwise depute the work of all the botanists.

    The other thing is that "Bruce Jenner" cannot explain why he wants to be a woman. Nor does he know if he wants to date dudes. His body language is that of an old crotchety man not a chick. His voice and mannerisms are not 'gay' in any way.

    He has a bunch of children. and Something like two marriages.

    He was in the Village People Flick.

    He made his money as a Man getting paid a man's wage! Now he's a retired woman?!?!?

    He makes a mockery of not only gay people and even real transgender people, he also makes a mockery of women in the work force and nobody in the mainstream press cares.

    After all Beyonce has a new single to drop and he stripper bit is what we now define as 'empowered feminism'.

    You introduce a very compelling idea - that
    homosexual behavior might be learned behavior and not either the result of nature or choice, when you point out the mainstream media confines the narrative to only nature vs choice.

    I would suggest saying 'learned behavior' rather than psychological problem or the like. Choosing the correct words is one of the techniques used by the media against us. I think it wise to use the same against them.

    Love the show- you always have some very thought provoking things to say.

  3. What do you think of this video?

  4. The TalkBox girls are GREAT! Thanks for posting that on the blog! It was you say? Very Much So! Luv U Chris and John!!!!These gals provide auxiliary necessary laffs with the smarmy delivery we have come to know and love from ze Hoaxbusters and good sleuthing all at once whilst making the monkey of our would be boogeymen who have the less boogie once they are how you say? Exposed, whence then they look stupid.
    With the subject matter very few people have had the ability to have laffs at the expense of pathetic conspiratorial porcupines. .
    You guys make it fun and I LOVE you for it.And now TalkBox ! MOre2LUV ! Yea!

  5. All public businesses must have an "occupation permit" issued by the fire Marshall. Public record, and required by law to be posted in a visible public space. GET'EM CHRIS!

  6. 'Episode 01 The Outer Limit First broadcast 8 April, 1950. Dimension X was an NBC radio programme ...'

    Intergalactic Patrol say that if any nuclear fission bomb explodes, it'll set off a reaction through what sounds like the Van Allen Belt, leaving the Earth aglow 'like a Roman candle'. Dimension X Ep 01
    - The Outer Limit

  7. Update on Wolf Halbig and Sandy Hook:

  8. Excellent work guys! Keep it up, you are doing a great job!

    I don't want to consider that one of my Artistic Heros and alter egos, David Byrne is part of the system, but, after waking up and, breaking away from-

    The Catholic Church
    The Grateful Dead
    UNITY Church - The New Age Movement
    WIN/LOSE competition
    RIGHT/LEFT politics
    public education
    belief in government
    FIAT Money and debt as wealth
    Terrance McKenna
    Punk Music
    The Rave Scene - EDM
    Modern Music Festivals, including Lollapalooza
    broadcast television
    cable television
    classic rock radio
    80's music
    corn - fast food - junk food
    Timothy Leary
    1960's counter culture
    drug use
    abstract expressionistic art

    and so forth, nothing surprises me any more.

    Anyway, I have been following you guys for long enough to say that I am on the same page and, agree with most of what you have discovered to be hoaxes. As such, I wanted to chime in with another piece of the puzzle, re: Mr. David Byrne, that, is kindof a BIGGE......

    Look up and read the lyrics of his song, Dance on Vaseline. I won't spell it out for you here, but, I know you guys are smart and aware enough to understand what he is talking about there, re: WHAT started in not wanting to spoil the plot to a movie, I will make sure not to rob you of this "Ah ha!" moment......

  9. You guys could do an entire show on "Dolphin science:"

    It's founder was John Lilly, a friend of Bateson and lecturer at Esalen, and attender of Huxley drug-parties. Basically he gave the dolphins LSD, and other psychoactive substances. He created the myth that dolphins are on par with human intelligence, and Terrance Mckenna, another complete fraud fueled his work.

    NASA has had a dolphin program forever and it produced the famous case of Margaret Lovatt who had sex with a dolphin for years as part of the research. And of course since NASA doesn't do space stuff we have to wonder why dolphins are so damn important.

    The garbage trail goes on...

    I think the whole Australian government giving person-hood to dolphins is part of a larger social engineering program, continuing Lilly's and NASA's legacy.

    I've said a lot to discredit John Lilly, but if this video of him with a Jimmy Crocket hat doesn't make him look more peer reviewed and consensus-ized then you are just as bad as a climate change questioner.

  10. Hello, Chris
    I am a new listener, I found you by following this guy
    who calls himself "Jay Dyer", an alleged author, researcher, film analyst, and "comedian" I do enjoy the program, or whatever you may call it, and appreciate the logic and critical thought you put into it.

  11. In terms of the gradual move to plaster PC nonsense onto every damn thing, here's an example from the UK of a new Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer good practice guide, replete with LGBTQ+ flags and symbols. As you can see, the alphabetical will get used up soon cos now we have LGBT and G and + sign meaning I'm not sure what! I'm also sending this to Jay, UK Column and Boiler Room in the hope that this crazyness can be discussed

  12. Your RS feed has disappeared.

    Seems Talkshoe have put you in the over 18 category, so now have to login.

    Can't access the archive either, without login to Talkshoe directly.

    So your feeds are not playable in ITunes or any of the other podcast sites.


    I was just going through the archive and enjoying it loads.

    Moon footage. Has been produced by multiple people crrow being the first.

  14. I could listen to the wall of calls all day. Oh wait! I just did. Chris, you are beyond genius.

  15. Did you guys see the Emmy opening? The theme is called "everything is better on TV"

    Really rubbing in how fake everything is.

  16. Narendra Modi has serious personal space issues. Thread.

    In the NFL this would be a penalty, encroachment.

  17. Chris, your repeated setting up and beating down a vegan strawman is unbecoming. I've been a vegan for 2.5 years and none of your arguments (rather assertions, because you can't "argue" with yourself) apply to me. I know you had a debate with a particular vegan awhile back, and that was good radio. However, stereotyping, bashing, and misrepresenting vegans is garbage. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean it is a top down psyop. You also made the ridiculous assertion that "if the government, WHO, or Bill Gates tells you to do something, do the opposite." That is so simple minded. First, I missed the memo if these entities told me to adopt a vegan diet. I don't want their vaccines, but I agree with the "say no to drugs" mantra. When the "anti-bullying" campaign started, I didn't run out and knock down the first small kid I could find. How about everyone independently consider all the benefits of a particular diet and make an informed decision about what to ingest? You don't like "high and mighty" vegans telling you what to eat, so extend me the same courtesy.

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  20. Hey Chris! Been listening to your show for a couple of years now after listening to Jay Dyer and you being on a podcast with him. I will endeavour to donate to you in the next couple of months. Was sick last month and in hospital, so had my salary cut in half. Have you thought of buying back


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