Ads on Demand!

Ads on Demand!

Exclusive feature of Hoax Busters Call and the John Adams Afternoon Commute.

Here at Hoax Busters Call and the Afternoon Commute with John Adams, we are always thinking of ways to put the listener first.

Maybe you are a regular listener or even a new listener and you are probably saying to yourself;…

“I enjoy listening to the Hoax Busters Call and the Afternoon Commute but I just wish there were more advertisements”…

Enter Ads on Demand, a feature exclusive to Hoax Busters Call and the Afternoon Commute with John Adams.

Ads on Demand are 100 percent guaranteed to be 100 percent FAKE(not real). No actual products to purchase…no difficult to open packaging, greasy lotions to apply, ill fitting ball caps to return, no “magic pills” to get lodged in your throat, creating a choking hazard, endangering you and your family, nothing but pure advertising bliss anytime you want at the price you want. Period!.

Simply make a donation of any amount to John Adams or Chris Kendall and specify which ad you would like to sponsor OR exercise your option NOT to specify and an ad will be selected for you OR opt out all together by not donating. Either way, simply enjoy the intoxicating freedom of Ads on Demand.

Current Ads in the Hopper[luscious content]...

Dr. Bills Little Magic Pills
Duty Commandos™
Goldmines From U.S.A. Patriot Wilderness Survivalist Seed Storage Bank dot Com
U.S.A. Patriot Wilderness Survivalist Seed Storage Bank-End of the World Seed Pack
How to Survive a Nuclear Blast dot Com
Jay Dyer's Esoteric Blend Popcorn
Slipstream Airlines
Slipstream Airlines Sydney to Santiago
9/11 Surfer Documentary Promo
Federal Reserve- Unconstitutional Con Game Book by Dr. J Peter Puller
*Arnold Schwarzenegger Comes Out For Flat Earth! by Jay Dyer
Nic Cage Financial Forecasting by Jay Dyer
Cheerios and V8 in Space
Dr. Bill Ducks Handbook of Home Surgery
Dr. Bill Ducks Paleo Xtreme
Survivalist Shoes at Survivalist Shoes dot com
Infowars Health Hollow Earth Proprietary Blend Iodine
Transliteracy Fund Public Service Announcement

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Lawton, OK, 73501

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