John Adams's Recommended Reading List.

1. Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley

Explains the reasons behind wars and social upheaval and how elites run all sides of the political and economic spectrum. Also serves as a history of The Round Table, CFR, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and The Cecil Rhodes Trust. Worth owning for the final chapter alone.

2. The Real Lincoln, Thomas J. Di Lorenzo

Honest Abe was an A#!hole.

3. Vices are not Crimes, Lysander Spooner

This coupled with Nock's Our Enemy the State, Bastiat's The Law and Belloc's The Serville State are all you need for Anarcho/Libertarian reading.

4. Programmed to Kill, Dave McGowan

This work and his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon are a must read for understanding the serial killer hoax and the hippie hoax.

5. New World Order and Ancient Secret Societies, William T. Still

A decent easy to read primer on Freemasonry and it's fellow travelers.

6. The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker

Although Ms. Walker is of the feminist,/occultist persuasion, this is still a well researched, in depth and very thick study of meanings and interpretations of gods, goddesses and myths. Don't start reading this if you have chores to do, it will keep you occupied.

7. Symbols Sex and the Stars, Ernest Busenbark

Goes over the similarities in all religious beliefs and religious symbols. Not a book about Hollywood.

8. Holy Land, D.J. Waldie

A short interesting read about Lakewood CA the first suburb and the changes in American living patterns. Not a book about Jews or Mecca.

9. Tribal Wars of the Southern Plains, Stan Hoig

The Red Man not only had to fight off Whitey, he had to fight off other tribes as well.

10. Dynamics of Change, Don Fabun

Full of quotes ,predictions, facts and even some nihilistic dystopian art about population, technology, agriculture and the new religion of science. From the year 1968.

11. Toward the Year 2018, Foreign Policy Administration

Also from 1968, The FPA was pretty confident that in 50 years the elites would be in control of Food, Weather, Warfare, Technology and the Final Frontier of the Mind. It's interesting that they talk specifically about chemtrails in this book. Almost 2018, pretty much in control....

12. The Hidden Persuaders, Vance Packard

A 1950's expose' on the manipulation of the public through advertising. It's interesting to see how far back a lot of this stuff goes.

13. The Plug-in Drug, Marie Winn

TV is Evil stop Watching. And damn it stop letting your children watch.

14. The Organization Man, William H. Whyte

The myth of rugged individualism was perpetuated through encouraging status seeking and belonging to groups and organizations.

15. Black Dahlia Avenger, Steve Hodel

George Hodel was an abortionist doctor for Hollywood's elite. He also hung around with Man Ray and the Surrealists. He was an outspoken Sadist and had violent temper. He was also the # 1 suspect in the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia . Somehow he evaded conviction and lived out the rest of his days working for the government. Makes sense.

16. The Politics of Contraception, Carl Djerassi

The inventor of "The Pill" goes over how to hide contraceptives in the water and food supply and other fun filled subjects. Brave New World Revisited by Huxley should be read as well.

17. America's Secret Aristocracy, Stephen Birmingham

This book has names of hidden families you won't find in any conspiracy book. A good book to read alongside this book is Secret Societies of America's Elite by Steven Sora.

18. Only Yesterday, Fredrick Lewis Allen

The definitive history of manners, morals and politics in the 1920's

19. Let's Get Well, Adele Davis

Eggs, Fat, Butter, Meat? You call this a health book? Actually arguably the most informative health book I have read. Julia Ross' The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure books are good as well.

20. The New Drug Story, Morris Beale

This book originally published in 1949 as The Drug Story ( Mine is a 1958 reprint) was so ahead of it's time I don't own another book this old and and so informed about how things really work. From the intro; America's $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel, it's methods, operations, hidden ownership, profits and terrific impact on the health of the American people. There is a pdf of this floating around if you cannot find the book.

21. Sexual Sabotage, Judith Reisman

This is a real view into the sick, perverted and corrupt world of Alfred Kinsey and his partners. The Kinsey Report was one of the biggest hoaxes ever.

22. Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy,Robert Hewitt Brown

An old book you can find reprinted or on pdf. Goes over the astrotheological aspects of the religion of Freemasonry.

23. The Companion Bible, E.W. Bullinger

This is the best Bible out there bar none. I wish I owned a copy! Maybe I'll get it this year. Anyways, Mr. Bullinger apparently had a lot time on his hands. Notes on everything in all the languages.

24. Ponder on This, Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey's Greatest hits all in one book. The esoteric mumbo jumbo version of the New World Order plan.

25. Conversations With Carl Jung

A short book of Jung interview transcripts, thought provoking and interesting. I always wanted to use thought provoking in a sentence.


  1. Hey, John (or either Chris).

    There's a typo on the name of one of the titles. Judith Reisman's book is titled "Sexual Sabotage", not "… Subversion".

    It would be good to have that fixed.

  2. Hello, I listened to the episode with Jay and Andreas and find it very profound and interesting. The atmosphere of the conversation was very cool and open minded. Being french, I would like to know if it was possible to have Andreas's mail or his internet site in order to exchange with him. All the best, Alain


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