Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Chris Kendall R.I.P.

Chris died April 10th 2020 in Lawton, Oklahoma. He was 51 years old.   A true critical thinker, Chris always questioned the underlying truth of our assumptions. Willing to engage in discussion with nearly anyone, Chris provided a platform for many ideas that would otherwise have not found an audience. He had a keen instinct for sniffing out hypocrisy and contradiction while also being fair, patient, and honest.  He will be missed by many in this community.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Stock Up: Another Essential Hunker Bunker Candle...

Vai: Jay Dyer


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The Best Virtual Parties To Turn Your Living Room Into A Club This Weekend

The internet cannot be defeated. The world wide web has (for the most part) been a source of refuge in a time where social-distancing is the new normal amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. We’re using Zoom to communicate with our co-workers, we’re checking in with friends via group Facetime, and now, because we can’t hit up our fave weekend spots for the foreseeable future, we’re turning up online.

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