Sunday, March 15, 2020

Updates on Sports Canceled by Coronavirus

A day after nearly every major sporting event in the United States had been suspended or canceled because of the coronavirus, it became a question of which sports were on, not which were off.

One of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Masters golf tournament, will be postponed, it was announced Friday.

The Boston Marathon will be rescheduled for September.

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And along these lines then we can talk about sports. Sports in the United States was to be changed, in part as a way of de-emphasizing nationalism. Soccer, a world-wide sport, was to be emphasized and pushed in the United States. This was of interest because in this area the game of soccer was virtually unknown at that time. I had a few friends who attended an elementary school other than the one I attended where they played soccer at their school, and they were a real novelty. This was back in the 50's. So to hear this man speak of soccer in this area was kind of surprising.

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