Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Only True Solution to All Of This #HUGSFORGAIA

would you stop already!

The human race is an absolute scourge on the planet, over grazing, over consuming, filling up the oceans with plastic straws, causing, acid rain, ozone holes and climate change. As Idris Elba, on speaking with Oprah said...

“it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.
This is almost the worlds cry out, to say; hey, hey hey, you’re kicking me”

We say that it’s high time that we face the music and do what finally needs to be done.

For the Oceans
For the Air
For the Forests
For the Animals

For Mother Gaia

That’s right.

We all need to die!

That’s why I’m here now to propose…


As we all must be aware of at this crucial juncture is that evil Fortune 500 corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and the worlds governments want to save humanity so they can continue the raping and pillaging of Mother Gaia through taxing humans and selling us humans products that they mercilessly rip from Her.

Help us in our desperate efforts to respond to Mother Gaias pleas for mercy by spreading the Covid19 in any way you possibly can.

We are proposing large gatherings in city squares all around the world for mass group hugging sessions, meet and greets and a good ol’ fashion round of glad-handing.

Anyone who TRULY cares about the planet and has given up on their pathetic and selfish resource wasting existence will join us.

Please spread the word (and the Covid19)


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