Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Anatomically Correct Skulls Of Popular Cartoon Characters By Czech Artist Filip Hodas

Remember your last trip to the History Museum? Let me take this one for you—the answer is “nay” ’cause you were half asleep, dreaming of a juicy burger, and thinking of ways to sneak out through the staff back door so you wouldn’t have to explain yourself in a family intervention once you set foot inside the car. Imagine how different the whole experience would have been if the specimens had been some of your favorite animated characters.

The 3D artist Filip Hodas has made this unlikely scenario possible in his new Cartoon Fossils illustration series that features preserved skulls of cartoon icons from grumpy Uncle Scrooge to cheerful Sponge Bob. Plus, every “specimen” features hilarious zoological names like “Canis Goofus” and the year they first aired on TV.

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Via: Tom Hanson

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