Saturday, December 14, 2019

Why You’ve Never Heard of The Mayo Clinic’s “Raw Milk Cure”

In 1929, the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. J. R. Crewe wrote an about the miraculous healing abilities of raw, grass-fed milk.

The protocol for his “Milk Cure” was simple – put patients on bed rest and feed them nothing but a couple of gallons of milk a day.

While some of you may be thinking that sounds like a recipe for a severe case of lactose intolerance, consider that the milk he was speaking of is nothing like the kind you find in the grocery store today.

Like almost all milk of that time, the milk Dr. Crewe was speaking of was the unpasteurized, non-homogenized, rich-in-butterfat milk of heritage-breed, pasture-raised cows.

The results were so “uniformly excellent” that they changed Crew’s entire “conception of disease and its alleviation” and inspired him to open a sanitarium where he used raw milk almost exclusively in the treatment of all kinds of disease.

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