Monday, February 18, 2019

Fake News with a Fake News Twist

As many of us have realized the news goes in patterns. Here we are in the midst of the so called "fake news" era where youtube and other platforms are shutting down critics and skeptics of official news narratives. What we're seeing now is controlled "fake news" to satisfy a craving for exposing "fake news" thus the mainstream serves up pseudo fake news on a silver platter. You can watch a news story and feel like Scooby-Doo after the narrative falls apart and it will give you that felling of revelation without actually revealing anything worthy of exposing. The two stories that come to mind is the kid in the MAGA hat

(Nick Sandmann) who got into a starring contest with a Native American(Nathan Phillips) at the capital building in Washington D.C. and the story of Jessie Smollet getting beat up by two guys in ski masks wearing MAGA hats who put a rope and bleach around his neck.

These two stories seem to have a humiliating effect on the left as both have glaring inconsistencies. Both Nathan Phillips and Jessie Smollet were transparently lying. Many people on the left have been caught up in these stories only to have them blow up in their faces days later.

The smug look on Nick Sandman created an emotional reaction within a lot of people. Leftists immediately hated him for that smug look on his face probably because they saw something in themselves that they didn't like and this kid gave them an outlet to externalize their anger and inner turmoil.

On the right it gives them a feeling of vindication and self righteousness. For the right they are able to say that the kid was a victim even though that hat is usually worn to piss people off. There are videos all over youtube and twitter of people wearing MAGA hats just to get a reaction out of silly people on the left. While this is somewhat entertaining it probably isn't going to help the cause of free speech but instead sew the seeds of deeper division.

In reality this is nothing more than professional wrestling which has the effect of stirring up the most angry and irrational tendencies in people.

Probably the most interesting thing to come out of either story is the fact that Nathan Phillips was also involved in the Standing Rock protests with his organization Native Youth Alliance which receives money form the David Rockefeller Fund and the Ford Foundation. So hes protesting an oil pipeline while simultaneously receiving money from major players in the oil industry. Seems like more culture creation to me.

Liberals all know about the Black Hebrew Israelites but are silent on their criticism of them because they are black and Jewish. It doesn't fit the dogmatic narrative so they ignore it. They can say whatever they want with impunity in regards to the left which is actually very sad to see how heavy the mind control is in liberal circles at this point in time.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

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