Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wellness Check: Status Update on Chris Kendall

Dear Listeners,

Chris here.As many listeners of the Hoax Busters Call already know, this host has been diagnosed with "Bi-Polar disorder" which is sometimes associated with behaviors that society as deemed as unsuitable conduct. The past few weeks has been yet another excursion into what is known as "mania"-meaning that I was displaying conduct unworthy of productive and proper citizenship, and all of that.

A stay at the local lock-up(grey bar hotel)and a subsequent re-accommodation to what is colloquially referred to as the "Nut House" was found to be the official course of action deemed proper by the local constable, in the accordance.

Anyway, as of the present moment, I am feeling quite content and in high sprits at the time of this post. I am composing this at the Lawton Public Library, public access computing and self-education facilities that are free for public usage for the very fact that I had, during my bout of "mania", completely and utterly destroyed all of my internet enabled consumer conveyances and am now, currently(npi),"off-the-grid", self-inflicted severing of my umbilical cord to the elect-trick magical web-works of modernity.

"Off Grid in Place", is what I've titled my brand-new, self imposed exile from the normal customs that I feel have been detrimental to my personal sense of stability. This is a personal decision that I have made, not to be taken as any kind of call-to-action or any such thing.

This, of course, will result in some considerable re-adjustments that I now need to perform which I am currently busy working out on a day-to-day basis.

Former excursions have prompted me to revoke my own driving privileges in the safety interests of non-Bipolar motorists, that do not share my sporadic enthusiasm for tumble-dry setting-desert-lateral locomotion.

This blog and the uploaded audios will remain as long as the hosts(blogger,, talkshoe-etc) accommodate them, at their discretion. The 'Discord' account is the domain of my good friend, John Adams, to conduct at his leisure since he has full admin status on the account set-up and his contribution to these efforts are most appreciated by myself and, I'm sure, the listeners as well.

As for now, I will be, for the foreseeable future, "Off Grid in Place", on my families property in Lawton, OK which means very minimal computer/internet/social media/youtube/etc...etc..

Dr. Fuster Clucks' personal house-calls(R.T.R.-confirm!), as well as any visitors are welcome, as long as they remember to approach by way of the alley and not contact the street facing residence(moms).Matt, Nathan, Nino, Rich,K,Roc3llo,Lynn,Damon,Kelly,Jim S.,J.A.,J.D.,etc...-drop by, chew the fat, kick it old-school, cowboy coffee, etc, etc..."right now, yeah!!!"(macho man voice).

No lights, no phone, no motor-car*, not a single luxury(?), like Robinson Crusoe, he's as primitive as can be(in Law-town, USA)


* excluding Audi 5000


God bless and thanks to everyone for the comments. It is still going well-the Ketogenic thing is apparently working wonders. Just found out my license was actually suspended from the New Mexico incident, in spite the fact that Oklahoma previously issued me a new one(they wont now), oh well. I'll be looking into a way to do audios without computer ownership. Electric and computer free has been fantastic so far-up with the sun, sleep at sun set-natural rhythms, bike riding, walking etc.

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