Sunday, May 14, 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #959 Mick West, Metabunk Debunked and the Flat Earth False Dichotomy

Hoax Busters Call

Being aware of the fact the NASA is a fraudulent “scientific” agency DOES NOT make you a believer in Flat Earth cosmology any more than it would make you a believer in Donut Earth Cosmology, Mobius Strip Cosmology, Computer Simulation Cosmology or ANY OTHER cosmology.

It just means that NASA is a fraud and it does not necessarily follow that we actually live inside a giant flat petri dish under a giant glass dome and fake moon projection.

What is the “great awaking” that Flat Earthers proclaim is happening? We are awakening to WHAT exactly? That an advanced alien race built the giant petri dish so they could study us? Giant leaps of logic, that this crowd is demonstrably prone to, certainly could lead them to that conclusion based on what the new flat-earth authorities tell them.

The Flat Earth Movement that erupted on the internet back in 2015 when certain personas emphatically declared…”NASA is lying to us, the earth is actually flat, go check it for yourself”.

Fast forward to the year 2017 and these self-styled citizen scientist or now proclaiming themselves experts on atmospheric lensing and air travel in the slipstream AFTER it became painfully obvious that the matter was not resolved by “check it yourself”…”looks flat, must be flat”.

NOW the Flat Earth gurus explain the “anomalies” of empirical reality by way of speculation and conjectures related to various atmospheric effects and laws of perspective to help explain the fact that, objects in the distance or often times observed to be partially or even wholly obscured by the horizon line.

Point is…it isn’t so simple, is it? “check it for yourself” has now become “let me explain to you how light bends to fool your eye”…”trust me, the flat earth expert because…I’m not NASA”.

Of course, this is where people like Mick West can step up to reinforce belief in scientism by positioning himself at the opposite end of this logically fallacious false dichotomy that has been craftily constructed by way of the fabricated “Flat Earth Truth” Movement.

LOGIC 101:


Oh, one more thing..NASA fakery does not prove, or even so much as suggest that the moon is a hologram, sorry Jeran!-C

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