Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jeranism in the Slipstream...

Data from:

This is the authority that Jeranism appealed to to round out our excellent discussion.

Jeranism:(paraphrase) "We know that the moon appears spherical from our observation but don't trust your own eyes, consider what I'm suggesting as possibility,never minding how implausible and counterintuitive it sounds because we know we have been lied to about everything we have been told" Which was basically the core tenet of his discourse.

From that, to...

..."heres some data from MMAB / EMC / NCEP / NWS / NOAA that helps bolster my claim"

MMAB / EMC / NCEP / NWS / NOAA FTW! - Nice job, Jeran!

Oh wait, then's there's this...

Jeranism:(paraphrase)"we know we have a problem coming up with a coherent map"...

Jeranism:(paraphrase)"jet travel in the slipstream can account for the observed flight time discrepancy problem".

OK, then you really wouldn't have a problem with the AE map, would you?

Maybe a lesson that can be learned here is don't drink sweet sweet conspiracy koolaid to the point where you go in to an allegorical diabetic coma.-C

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