Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jeranism and Chris Kendall Discuss Flat Earth Theory

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..."and if you look out the cabin window you'll see New Zeal..uh, never mind. We passed it already..."

Chris Kendall(myself )did a Skype call with Jeran (jeranism) and we spoke a bit about flat earth theory. As far as I’m concerned, the reality of air travel and the time that it takes to get between two points confirms that the earth is a globe.

I have since checked out what Jeran said was what the diameter of the earth would need be if it were indeed flat. From what I gather and I suggest people check it against whatever source they deem reliable, that the diameter would need to be at least 22,000 miles as apposed to Jerans’ 16,000 mile estimate.

That would necessitate Max Igan traveling an additional 15,000 miles(?) in his documented journey from Sydney to Santiago.

Tail wind or no, that’s not happening, in my estimation.

As far as I’m concerned, this baby’s been put to bed. Goodnight!

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