Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Atmospheric Lensing Proves the Curve...Atmospheric Lensing Proves the Plane

The point I was trying to make with Frank, on the most recent Hoax Busters Call is that the refrain of "go check it out for yourself" is not quite as common sense and cut and dry as one would think.

When you dig into to this subject you must accommodate these various optical illusions that you may encounter that potentially distort reality. Mirages are real phenomena, both sides seem to agree on this point. Can you now maybe understand my frustration when I'm encountering flat-earthers that are offering me simplistic catch phrase memes as opposed to actually dealing with these different issues?

Does this atmospheric lensing effect disprove curvature? Can the observed effect possibly coexist with curvature? Do we now dismiss the footage of the sun appearing to get smaller at it sets because Rob Skiva has demonstrated now that we should anticipate the sun appearing bigger as it sets, due to lensing? Can you always observe Chicago from across lake Michigan using a telephoto lens? Is it nearly always invisible as the globalist scientist state in their video? Is that a phenomena that can be accounted by invoking this lensing effect on a flat plane?(invisibility). Are superior mirages acknowledged as real now, since they can now invoke optical illusions in into their observations?

Mr. Skiva points out that the top of the tower he was referring to appeared to be too large and therefore must be because of atmospheric magnification. Is there a reason why he did not also consider the possibility that maybe the device connected to the front of his camera also acts as a lens?(the lens)...

A telephoto lens makes distant objects appear much larger. Image by Brenda Anderson.

Can we really consider ourselves to be honest investigators when we accept evidence that supports our position and then arbitrarily dismiss or ignore the evidence that does not?

Can we regard ourselves as truth seekers and at the same time firmly take positions that we cannot adequately defend with our own words, depend on selected gurus to represent our positions, offer arm chair critique and congratulate ourselves for being open minded and "awake"?

Is there any sense whatsoever to the concept that flat-earth research is going to bring to a new area of "awakened" minds. Would not the first order of business be to undermine NASA's credibility FIRST, with the overly abundant circumstantial evidence of NASA fakery? Would not the world be more receptive to radically new ideas AFTER NASA is exposed, not BEFORE? Huge cart before the horse situation, if you ask me.


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