Sunday, May 28, 2017

Again with Jeranism

WARNING: Excruciating,tons of quibbling. Jeranism demands an apology for a perceived misuse of the term 'orders of magnitude', then he offers further insight into how flat earth is established, for instance, atmospheric lensing...basically, come up with your own ideas of how it actually works, just make sure you rule out curvature but if you're not sure how to do that, go to Rob Skiva or Jeran and they'll be more than happy to explain it to you, even though it's just their opinion and no corroborating evidence is even necessary because it's "believe us or believe KNOWN liars".

Is this dude even serious? I'll just leave that up to the listener.

Remember this, flat earthers: atmospheric lensing should only be invoked when explaining how most of the time you can't see Chicago from across lake Michigan, when viewing the top of a mountain that is 160 miles away, be sure to adamantly rule that out as an explanation, cite Jeranism as your source because if you don't, you have to accept everything mainstream science and NASA tells you, it's that cut and dry. In other words, fully embrace fallacious logic: false dichotomies, appeals to authority(Rob Skiva, Jeran), Ad-Hoc reasoning, black and white thinking.

According to Jeran, atmospheric lensing can cause Chicago to completely disappear from across lake Michigan, most days of the year, but it absolutely cannot make the top of Mt Canigou visible from 160 miles away.Ridiculous, he declares! Again, what is making him so narciss...I mean, confident?

Also, the whole Reptilian idea has received a great deal of derision and mockery over the years, probably as much or more than flat earth, therefore it must absolutely be true. Really?

Has Jeran thoroughly investigated the whole Reptilian theory? Has he thoroughly investigated the claims of Glen Kealey about the Moho Discontinuity and the Super Computer that rules the GMO hedgehogs? No? Well, I guess that makes him a piss poor researcher that doesn't really care about true truth.(sarcasm)

And, if were just making a bunch of shit up about nuclear physics and used that to debunk nukes, then Jeran might have a point but he doesn't.

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