Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Bizarre World of Exploding Houses

Explosions are scary to read about and see on TV. Especially if they are allegedly happening in suburbs all over the country. Take a look at these examples of explosions that just recently seem to be happening in rapid succession. - John

"The explosion happened at about 4:30 p.m. on Monday and quickly led to a massive blaze at a two-story home on the 6300 block of Twilight Avenue, near Colorado 119 and Weld County Road 13. An adult was airlifted from the scene and a juvenile was taken to medical care in an ambulance."

This home owner had guns and ammo and allegedly killed himself and his dog.

In 2011, a home a few blocks down on(same street)Ashley Drive was destroyed in a natural gas explosion.

Two injured in Moon explosion-10/13/13

West Virginia girl killed in natural gas explosion-10/11/13

Roof Blown off Home

A House is not a Motel

Nor is it an Army Ammo Plant

Back to Houses

NORTH GEORGIA HOME EXPLOSION: 1 dead after house explodes in White County

Georgetown Ohio 12/19/16

Georgetown Ohio 11/11/14

Interestingly Enough... Hmmm

Akron Ohio 2/8/17

Massillon Ohio 1/11/17

Mansfield Texas February appears to be an explosive time.

Two Injured During East Texas House Explosion 1/17/17

The Question is why???

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