Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hoax Busters: Amerika

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No.502

The will to power operating under a pure democratic disguise has finished off its masterpiece so well that the object's sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed.-Oswald Spengler,

Donald J Trump, Syria, Ronald Reagan, War Crimes, The Absence of the Sacred Book by Jerry Mander, Planned Obsolescence, Veganism, Abortion, Television, We Not Me, Early Childrens Programming vs. Modern Childrens Programming, Evolution, E-coli Experiments, Peer Review, Joe Rogan, Lawrence Krauss, Alfred Kinsey, The Multiverse, Sleep Cycles, Star Trek, Tim Kelly, Podcasts, Media Fakery.

Intro Hold Music Snippet: Amerika by Rammstein

Outros: Ian Edwards on Veganism, Sesame Street -Moon Man,Nuclear weapons... new Documentary BBC 2016 via John Adams

Call 502 brought to you by Hoax Buddy Benefactors, William Crawford and Joshua Charteris

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