Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hollywood - Ep 4 : Hollywood goes to War


"This more modern media "blitz" started with the creation of Hollywood itself (imagine the odds of that!). This documentary is very enlightening and I think it speaks for itself. It gets into how Hollywood pitched in to terrorize the public in order to get everyone all excited to go to War.

Much in the exact same way they do cultural manipulation (to change minds and behavior) every day today.

"WE THE PEOPLE" is a great marketing slogan isn't it?

Here is the blueprint for the modern marriage of News, Hollywood and Governmental interest. I highly recommended this documentary for all who have not seen it, and for those who have, you might want to watch it again.

Clearly Hollywood is tax funded. Imagine all of this occurring right around the time both film making and the IRS style tax system were in their infancy, good thing War magically came along just in time, or we'd have no Hollywood product today."

- Aa Morris

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