Monday, February 13, 2017

John Adams Afternoon Commute feat. Pearse Redmond on John Birch Society and more

Porkins Policy Radio

John and myself (Chris) have another excellent discussion with returning guest, Pearse Redmond. We talk about the White Nationalist revolution inside the "Alternative Media", the John Birch Society, Communism, The Red Scare,The CIA,controlled opposition groups and their connections to the "Patriot Movement", Christian Identity and End Times Prophecy, Alex Jones,David Duke and Immigration Policies, The "Jew World Order", Survivalists and "The Remnant", "Pallywood" and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Hitler and the "Holohoax",Christian Dispensationalism and U.S. Foreign Policy.

From the H.B.C. Archives(September 2015). I belive this to be especially relevant in light of the current state of much of the "Alt-Media".-C

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