Saturday, January 7, 2017

From the No, Seriously, I'm Not Making This Sh*t Up, Dept...

Fort Lauderdale shooting: MacBook Pro ‘SAVED MY LIFE’

"It seems that asides from being a work and entertainment powerhouse, an Apple MacBook Pro can also stop a bullet."

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Yes,they did go ahead an run an actual macbook pro ad in the middle of the article.-C

"From Facebook to Talking Points Memo to the New York Times, often what looks like fact-based journalism is not. It’s advertising. Not only are ads indistinguishable from reporting, the Internet we rely on for news, opinions and even impartial sales content is now the ultimate corporate tool. Reader beware: content without a corporate sponsor lurking behind it is rare indeed." Black Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing and the Covert World of the Digital Sell

Just enter coupon code HOAX for 20% off....just kidding-C

Via: Questioning Our Reality

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