Friday, September 23, 2016

They Don’t Want an Autism Cure: Neurodiversity advocates argue that people with autism shouldn’t be forced to fit into society, but that society should change to include and accept them.

“If I can’t talk, does it make sense to look for a pill for that, or should my speech therapist help me learn how to type or sign instead? Is flapping my hands or intensely and obsessively loving something ‘weird’ or wanting to be by myself the psychological equivalent of diabetes, or is it a natural and beautiful part of human diversity?”...

"Just as homosexuality used to be seen as a disorder but is now accepted as part of the range of human diversity, a neurodiversity proponent sees the classifying of autism as a disorder as a socially intolerant mistake."...

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Could this be the key to the eradication of ALL disease? Simply reclassify all disease and disorder as normal and then celebrate it as part of the "diverse" tapestry of life. Brilliant!

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