Friday, September 23, 2016


"China's main cities are already under siege. Kids munch Big Macs at over 130 McDonald's, content in the gaze not of Mao but "Good Uncle," a.k.a. Ronald McDonald. China's yuppies do the same at three Hard Rock Cafes, inundated by memorabilia and the music of once-banned Western rock idols. They dine at TGIF and eat dessert at TCBY. The former is an acronym for what would once have been an aberration in the Communist Party, Thank God It's Friday; the latter is a frozen yogurt franchise based in U.S. President Bill Clinton's stomping ground of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Soon residents of Boston and Beijing will have this in common: takeaway from Boston Chicken or Domino's Pizza. Chinese urbanites can already buy anything from stereo systems to snack foods at U.S. mega-stores Wal-Mart and Pricesmart (known in the U.S. as Price Club)."

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