Friday, July 15, 2016

You’ve been punked: Company boasts of experimenting on us with fake viral videos

"Here’s another reminder that we shouldn’t believe everything we watch on the Internet.

You may remember the sensational viral video from two years ago, in which a man, after jumping off a cliff and into the Sydney Harbour, has a close call with a great white shark. The footage, filmed with a GoPro, is gripping. The man can be heard gurgling and screaming in the water as he fights off the shark.

Or you may remember a video from earlier this year, in which a girl, snowboarding down a slope in the Japanese Alps, is chased by a great bear — but is totally oblivious to it because she was singing Rihanna.

Or perhaps this video of a selfie stick fight aboard a boat between an American and Japanese tourist, with the Japanese tourist throwing the American overboard.

These viral videos, along with five other viral videos, have been watched a total of over 205 million times all over the world. They have also been broadcast internationally on NBC, Fox, CBS, CNN, Sky News and ABC (US), according to the Guardian.

But here’s the thing: the videos were all fake."

Via: John Adams

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