Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Human Being/Bean Counter Culture pt. 2

John Adams May 20,2016

Monster (mon'ster). A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land. —Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930)

The Human Being /Bean Counter Culture is this System. A culture of counting human beans. Let's break it down. The Human = You, the natural inhabitant of this planet born into an un-natural system. Being= To Live, Alive, Human Being is a verb not a thing. You "Live" in this World. You exist in this system. Bean= A Seed. A bean is planted, allowed to grow, picked and consumed. This is You. A Human Resource. Counter= A Banker, A Census Taker, A Taxman, A Miser, A Slave Master. Counting Debts,Heads,Fees,Coins, etc. You are number not a free man. Your days are numbered, you can count on it. Culture= A growth in a nutrient medium. A lab experiment. We are a culture being tested in the lab of this system by men of Science. Our instincts and natural creative state has been scientifically dulled. We not only don't question how we arrived at all of our conclusions,or why we prefer our tastes, comforts, gadgets. desires or opinions, we don't question where we are headed as a culture or as a Human BEING. We focus on the thoughts and problems of the hour which of course are important, but never focus on the "larger" problems that lead to the "smaller" ones. Millions of Humans have lived and died never knowing anything at all.

The purpose of these words is to provide inspiration to the reader. We exist in this reality unaware of the origins of the ideas that surround and influence us every waking moment of every day. We take our lives for granted. Our purpose as humans to help and care for each other has been overthrown by a mindless culture of self interest and the pursuit of pleasure. This is not totally our fault. We were tricked. we have been trained not to think. We have been purposely guided into this culture where we remain in constant flux. People who become aware of the many levels of reality and who make an effort to break the everyday spell of mass culture may find themselves feeling depressed and/or that life is pointless. The material of The System and culture will always leave you unfulfilled. If we expect the creations of our provided reality to make us happy and consistently entertained,we will remain stuck in a constant state of dependence. We will remain slaves to the things we possess,and to the creators of our possessions. The system is a false reality produced to keep your mind occupied. The subject matter that will be discussed is to make the reader aware that their everyday use and interaction with things we may describe as normal, or things we may never even think about at all are planned and well thought out in advance.

They say that "truth is stranger than fiction". What if our "truths" are fiction? What if our reality is fiction?

Cognitive Awareness is defined as the thought of, or about the act of thinking. So basically thinking about what you are thinking. There are many things we do that we do daily but do not think about. We do them automatically. You do not think about walking, blinking, moving your hands, etc. these are involuntary movements. But, a thought these movements did occur. The conscious, the sub-conscious and the un-conscious in the mind is where thought takes place. You do not command your legs to "walk"or your eyes to "blink", you just do it. Now ask yourself a few questions.

1. Have I ever thought about the act of purchasing an item?

2.How did I arrive at the conclusion that what I am purchasing is really what I need?

3.Or an even deeper question, How do I even know how to use money?

When you need toothpaste is there a conscious thought not based on the need for toothpaste, but on the act of going to the store and going through the process of purchasing? This may seem to like involuntary actions in our culture, but they are anything but natural. Not only are we taught language when we are very young, we are also taught the language of advertising. The language of symbols which can represent a brand name. it is a language that speaks without words directly to your mind. It has been discussed in a number of books the goals, affects, targets and methods of subliminal manipulation in advertising. Rather than focus on that, Lets look at society and culture as a whole functioning in an un-natural system where advertising is only one of the methods used to keep our minds occupied morning, noon and night. The purpose being and end result in a population totally confused, easily suggestible and easily disposed of.


Perception is to become aware by way of the senses. The way your mind understands something affects your conclusions, which give you your opinions. Your tastes, your outlook even your eyesight can rely in part on your perception of reality.
Let's say you slipped and fell and a man came to your aid and helped you to your feet. He even offers to take you to the hospital. You think this stranger is a nice man helping you in your time of need. Later on you notice that your wallet is missing and someone informs you that the man who helped you, actually tripped you and stole your wallet. Your perception at first was that the man was helping you and had good intentions. The reality was, not only was he not helping you, he purposely created a crisis to hurt you so he could benefit from it.Now, think about this in regards to our culture, media, government etc. Is there a benefit to someone by making sure all people of all economic classes struggle? A larger question is, why do "We"( the general population who do not control trillions of dollars) never realize that there are people who control trillions of dollars, who do not care if "We" are "poor"'or "wealthy", just that we remain ignorant?

"The field of marketing, public relations and advertising are not just used to influence perception, but actually to create it." -Joe Vitale

The Culture Industry is comprised of networks connecting Media, The Arts and Social Engineering. Psychologists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, Social Psychologists and the Elites who fund the research through tax free foundations are the creators and controllers of the Culture Industry. Through public opinion polls and now the ever expanding field of data mining, they will continue trying to predict and control behavior.

To be continued....

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