Monday, April 18, 2016

Listener Email...

I was planning to put this in the comment section but I couldn’t get the page to open for it, but anyway, on the subject of 9 11 01 music! I always thought about this because I had that God Hates Us All album as a pre-released version and always thought that’s interesting it came out on 911. But in addition to that in 2002 I got the 7” titled “Rock the 40oz “ by the NYC extremely influential and infamous political skapunk-anarcho crust band Leftover Crack and always found it interesting that this record is from 99-00 and it has an advertisement for their upcoming album, and this is the quote, “Mediocre Generica available on Hellcat Records Sept 11th 2001. Why not take the day off from work to celebrate this joyous event?”…

So this is of course interesting not to mention then the album that followed Mediocre Generica was their 2004 album “Fuck World Trade”, which the title is really no surprise considering the political radicalism LOC is known for. They also are known for lots of shock art with pentagram imagery, 666’s etc. they fight with police and have been banned numerous places around the country. Over-all interesting, not sure what to make of all that but there’s another one for the list! Its crossed my mind before if their is something behind them but I tend to think no but not sure.

Also isn’t fake terror, a control aspect straight from 1984, why would they not be making fake events to dazzle everyone's eyes?

Also what you were saying about kids and technology a few episodes ago and your niece using the phone and all… man I hear ya and I have an 11 month old daughter and I dread thinking of her becoming like some of these kids I see, I’m really trying to steer away from that, for one example we never put a tv on for her and don’t plan to. But I guess what worries me is her seeing everyone else so consumed with this stuff, my wife and I aren’t but eventually it’ll be unavoidable and she'll she most peole are and then its like gonna be her wanting this and that, and then me saying no and eehh just seems awful haha

I have really been enjoying going back and listening to various podcast you have put out. So many of the things you guys talk about and the feelings you guys have I thought only I had and its refreshing to know theres others with similar overall views on the world and whats going on! I love the layed back flow of everything! I wish I knew other people to talk with on these subjects, most people as you guys have talked about don’t want to hear any of it and eventually just ask you to not talk about anything or if they do talk they aren’t that interested and have little to contribute haha It seems fun to join a call, if I ever get time! Do you ever come to Phoenix, if so I like beer and good discussions!! Anyway take care.


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