Monday, April 11, 2016

JaysAnalysis: Stefan Molyneux & the Cult of “Reason” Dismantled

"After numerous requests to deconstruct Stefan Molyneux and his popular online philosophy talks, I have acquiesced. This talk will also apply to the whole cadre of Internet atheists, from the anarchists to the Dawkinites. In this first free two hours, I show how his very philosophy is what led to the “collapse of western civilization” he constantly touts.

The basic presuppositions of materialistic atheism and empiricism are easy to refute and this talk demonstrates that, as well as how mathematics and number theory prove the existence of immaterial, invariant concepts, and thus the soul and God. In the second hour I discuss the implications of this philosophy in Bertrand Russell and the technocratic state, with Hoffman’s brilliant explanation of how all this scientism is merely hermetic alchemical processing."

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