Thursday, December 10, 2015


SHOOTING STANLEY KUBRICK (Correcti Edit File- 43 MINUTES SECOND EDIT) from PlayStationChannel on Vimeo.

"In 1999 as an unknown filmmaker (which I still am) I was able to gain permission to interview Kubrick in LA as he delivered EYES WIDE SHUT... what I thought was going to be a review of his body of work instead became a cinematic confessional: he wanted to talk about the most expensive movie no one knew he made- Apollo 11 and 13... Mixed with moral guilt, this WAG THE DOG hunger for ego affirmation like the Hoffman character (on which the film was based) was a once in a lifetime experience- this genius who never gave interviews actually spent two hours exposing himself and the hoax as he sipped Johnny Walker Blue...

Our contract held that I couldn't release the footage for 15 years AFTER his death which he jokingly estimated to be in the year 2020... Three days after I filmed the interview... he was dead. So if you want to know the motivation and justification for the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon a civilization, look for SHOOTING STANLEY KUBRICK this fall or check FaceBook updates by me, T Patrick Murray"

Stanley Kubrick Allegedly Confesses 3 Days Before Dying: Apollo 11, " the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon a civilization".

An amature filmmaker brings Stanley Kubrick(?) a fifth of Johnny Walker Blue and captures on film one of the startling confessionals of all time.

Is this really Stanley Kubrick? Eh, who knows?

It's not like we need to be told that the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax was fake but this is still interesting.

WARNING: Don't view this if you are prone to seizures.-Chris

Here's the Kubrick(?) confessional without all of the methamphetamine inspired edits.

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