Thursday, December 3, 2015

Flat earth inquiry across Lake Ontario

"Finally got a chance to take some footage from across Lake Ontario, a distance of 49.9 km or 31.01 miles. This is an unedited video taken with my Nikon P900, the world’s most affordable megazoom camera (83x optical). According to this earth curve calculator, the obscured amount of the CN Tower should be 527 feet, just under 1/3 of the total tower.

Clearly we can see much more than 2/3, more like 7/8 of the tower (you don’t even need a zoom camera to see this on a bright clear day – which this was not). Therefore, I conclude that this part of the earth where I live is not conforming to the ball earth curvature formula. I will not wildly extrapolate this to a domed Trueman show structure like Mark S., but I will say that clearly there is a huge problem with the official story that one NASA fake space agency is promoting."

"I stood at 62 Anne St. in Port Dalhousie and aimed it directly at the CN tower in Toronto."

Here's an interesting book from 1895...
One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe (William Carpenter)

"Science" sez you shouldn't be able to see a 100 foot tall ship from 15 miles...

Video game forum discussing the need for the "curve" in the 'Arma3' game engine...

"This will create realistic situations like For example:-
Ships coming towards you will emerge up and over the horizon from about 3 miles away, instead of fading in from 20km.
Bearing in mind that a six foot person at sea level can only see about 3 miles before the earth curves out of view."

Hmmmm, confident assertions about stuff that is demonstrably false and easily disproven. Oh, and what about periscopes?!

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