Thursday, December 17, 2015

Congress wants to give NASA $19.3 billion next year, even more than Obama asked for

"NASA, the perennially underfunded space agency, woke up to a nice surprise this morning: Congress wants to give the agency more money than it asked for. Republican leaders in Congress released a massive budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year — and tucked within it is a substantial budget increase for NASA. The omnibus spending bill would give the US space agency close to $19.3 billion for next year. That exceeds the Obama administration's budget request of $18.5 billion for NASA and provides the agency with $1.27 billion more than it received for 2015. The extra money means NASA has a better chance of pulling off its primary missions on schedule."

Via: Adam

What? You think James Cameron is going to work for free?...

"Where does the money come from? From working people, with mortgages and kids who need braces. Why do they give the money? Because they share the dream."

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