Sunday, November 15, 2015

#ParisAttacks UPDATES: EMT Talking About a “Drill” and CIA Chief Met with French Intel Oct. 28th

American Everyman

"There is a YouTube video from “France info” out there of a purported interview with a French EMT named Patrick Pelloux who claims, if the translation is correct, that there was a “multi-site” emergency response drill “planned for the morning” and that they were lucky because it made things go a lot smoother."...

"This EMT who always ends up on the scene when these events take place in Paris… just happens to be an actor. yeah. he’s an actor
2009 : Incognito, directed by Éric Lavaine
Patrick Pelloux as The nurse
2012 : Bad Girl, directed by Patrick Mille
Patrick Pelloux as The Doctor

Sounds fishy? Me to. I will wait for confirmation on this one. But the actor info is definitely interesting. Seems more and more of those guys are turning up in these events. Guess I’m glad I quit."

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