Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The iWatch: Anthropotelemetric Tracking Device?

Anthropotelemetry: Dr. Schwitzgebel's Machine
Harvard Law Review
Vol. 80, No. 2 (Dec., 1966), pp. 403-421

"An electronic device capable of tracking the wearer's location, trans-mitting information about his activities, communicating with him, and perhaps modifying his behavior is now in experimental use in Cam-bridge, Massachusetts. This method of surveillance differs from eaves-dropping in that the wearer is aware of it and may have consented, at least nominally, to its use.

Since the wearer carries the device with him, it can be used to keep him under continuous surveillance. Partly because of these factors, tracking is likely to have a stronger effect on behavior than eavesdropping. This Note will explore possible uses for tracking and considerations that should govern its employment."

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