Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hoax Busters: Shreddin' Your Dangling Participle Like an Escaped Panther

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No. 361

"It is one of the maladies of our age to profess a frenzied allegiance to truth in unimportant matters, to refuse consistently to face her where graver issues are at stake." Norman Douglas,Pedantry in the "anything goes" age,Select reading from 'A Treasury of Deception' By Michael Farquhar, Radiometric Dating, Stalactites, Stalagmites,The Age of the Pyramids, Fossilized Fried Chicken, Dave J, Stone Henge, September 23rd, Febuary(r), Rollo calls in,Mahershal calls in, Negentropic calls in,Expanded Cinema Book by Gene Youngblood, CGI the Military and Hoaxes, Music, concerts, Transformation of America, Cathy O'brien, The Internet, Jaron Lanier, Ebay, Paypal(Papel),Bit Coin,Banking,Decentralization.

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