Friday, September 11, 2015

Busted! Totally Staged and Hilarious North Korean Photos.

image Source: AP. North Korean Top Secret Disco Operationz!

"You Saw it First on JaysAnalysis!

Remember – the famous Situation Room Photo is admittedly fake!

Breaking – White House claims North Korea has no Missile Capability!

I can’t stop laughing. From the get-go Jay’s Analysis called the North Korean theater operations recently occurring as a staged event, pointing out that anything real that happened would be by the machinations of the western establishment itself. Last night I became entranced by North Korean media photo ops and ended up staying up researching these hilarious pictures, getting no sleep.

What became evident after several hours of photo analysis was how ridiculous the images are. But what’s amazing is not just how absurd the pictures are upon inspection, but how big these images are in the media hype and the total lack of any analysts, journalists or “intelligence agents” to call bullshit.

Where are the foreign analysts? Apparently, the system thinks the public is so utterly inept that not even the middle management class of “journalists” and “intellectuals” can figure out that these are completely absurd “threats” insofar as what we see presented."


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