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Can You Bounce A Laser Off The Moon?

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

"No, absolutely not,absolutely impossible.. no wait, yes,yes, you can...not really, but yes.."

Thomas W. Murphy,Associate Professor,Ph. D.,

At the beginning of the call Thomas states that you can actually bounce a laser off the moon but returning light would be indiscernible to instrumentation. A statement that in fact contradicts this article...

National Geographic Magazine December 1966 The Laser's Bright Magic by Thomas Maloy, Howard Sochurek. Page 874-6

Mythbusters Moon Hoax Retroreflectors

What Professor Tom says about a distinct "photon packet" returning from the reflector, appears to be quite different from the way this gentleman describes the process...

Sending a Laser to the Moon - Horizon - Explore BBC

NOTE: @3:00 minutes in you see a computer animation depicting the moon as being in a synchronous orbit with the earth(?)

Dr Brian Cox on Faking the Moon Landings

Notice that initially Professor Murphy's position on the matter sounded totally inline with the Mythbusters position, that is, until I brought up the National Geographic article, upon which a bit of backpedaling was done to make it an issue of millimeter precision.Even if there were reflectors on the moon, that in no way proves the "Apollo Missions". Whatever the case, this issue is clearly being purposely misrepresented for propaganda purposes.

As pedantic as scientist typically come across, they paradoxically seem very comfortable with members of their "community" making unequivocal and emphatic, yet scientifically incorrect,(false) declarations.(lies)

Well, at least they've backed off of the whole bipedal beavers live on the moon thing,ffs.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be one of the most feeble "proofs" that the Apollo missions actually went to the moon. Officially(allegedly), the Soviets put retroreflectors on the moon during the same time period with unmanned probes.

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