Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jim Brady, 30 years later

James Brady allegedly dies 33 years after he was shot.

Says after he was shot he was reported dead. Based on what? "because he was so severely injured"-Yeah,no, that would be assessed by the doctors at the hospital and not reported unless the medical professionals declared it.

It's interesting that he doesn't "die" before he had a successor (Gabby Giffords), another headshot victim. Penetrating headshot survivors are statistically extremely rare, yet you always see them in these staged public shootings.

Notice that in this video the gun in the poster behind Brady is pointed right at his head.

All this stuff is totally contrived and scripted.

The highest-velocity injuries tend to have the worst associated damage.A study published in 1991, which documented 314 individuals who had suffered penetrating cranial injuries caused by gunshot wounds, found that 73% succumbed to their injuries at the scene of the incident, and a further 19% ultimately died later, thus indicating a total mortality rate of 92%.Perforating injuries have an even worse prognosis. wackpedia

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