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Once you've become acquainted with the narrative; the technique used to drive it (the hustle) will boldly reveal itself. here's wittgenstein's nephew and co-founder of cybernetics, heinz von foerster, letting slip the hustle...

seu bobo

Quotes from the first video you posted.

“So all that is relevant is how interesting is the story”

“Particles are invented to do what we don’t understand.”

“Where is reality? Can you show me?”

BUSTED ! A priceless reply Sean!

I knew you were telling the truth when I heard your interviews on science with Ab and Chris because I am a teacher who discovered the great fraud of beginning reading instruction in America.

Beginning reading in American public schools designed to inoculate children against reading and maim their minds for life. All of this is promulgated by the colleges of education throughout the country, as you said, it is done through the university system. Here is little known quote from John Dewey about teaching children to read.

John Dewy said : “The plea for the predominance of learning to read in early school-life because of the great importance attaching to literature seems to me a perversion. “ So Dewey right out says we are't having any children knowing how to read in our schools. G. Stanly Hall, and Dewy are the Luis Alverez and Ernst Lawrence of the public education fraud.

Substitute the words “ beginning reading instruction “ for “nuclear"or "physics” in your discussion and you have the exact same scam run by the transmission belts of Ivy league universities: Columbia, Yale and Johns Hopkins. I hope to call in some time and talk to Chris and ab I can give them a precis of the scam and the billions spent every year on phony ”reading comprehension” and school induced “learning disabilities “ .

Treating "dyslexics" and "reading disabilities" are (both huge cash cows for schools)/ I have cured both of these afflictions for the past twenty years with 100% success. It is simple. Buy Rudolph Flesch book "Why Johnny can’t read and what you do about it” and teach the student the simple exercise in the back and all dyslexia and “learning disabilities” melts away with in days. I have a masters degree in reading and the colleges are a colossal hoax.. They are a corollary to the nuclear science you detail.. Thanks Sean for responding.

richard benedict

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