Saturday, December 13, 2014

Uploaded Call: Discussion with Nico Haupt

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Revising "History" with One of the Original No Planers....

A discussion with one of the original no-planers from Manhattan, Nico Haupt. I first became aware of "No Plane Theory" when watching an installment of "Farther down the Rabbit Hole" with Paula Gloria with Nico as a guest. He was talking about the cartoon nature of the "planes" that were broadcast on 9/11/01 and recommending the viewers see September Clues. Nico shares some of his discoveries he's made looking into "History" and has developed his own revisionist take on the subject.

Nico Haupt's Book

Nico Haupt's Youtube Channel

Molly Cheshire/Nico Haupt on his History in 9/11 Truth/UnTruth

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