Friday, August 15, 2014

Startlingly Shoddy Fake News Report by the BBC!

Hoax Busters Call

Many people are probably already familiar with this but it is a classic example, in my opinion.

Two different assemblages of footage with the exact same interview with the exact same woman with DIFFERENT DIALOG and added sound effects!

There's other videos out there about this stating that just the dialog with the word 'Napalm' was digitally swapped out for "Chemical" but, if you look closely, the man on the left has his hands behind his back in one take and to his side in the other take. That's proof of complete fakery, Hollywood style with multiple takes and special sound and makeup effects.

18+ Syria Genocide - Assad Burns School Children To Death With Incendiary Bombs - BBC

Syria crisis BBC crew returns to Aleppo

Get a load of the "zombie" kid hamming it up for the camera. Totally ridiculous fake crap!

I found about this shoddy fakery here...

Thanks to Craig Murray

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