Monday, June 30, 2014

From the WTF? File: Phantom Patriot; An Inside Look

Richard McCaslin
McCaslin, wearing a skull mask and a blue jumpsuit with "Phantom Patriot" written in red on his chest, infiltrated the site of Bohemian Grove, just north of San Francisco. He was heavily armed with "a [pump-action/shotgun hybrid, a .45 caliber handgun, a crossbow, a 2-foot-long sword, a knife and a fireworks mortar tube." McCaslin slept in one of the cabins overnight.

The following morning, he found the 30 ft. owl statue, then later encountered caretaker, Fred Yeager and maintenance man, Bob Hipkiss. McCaslin set a fire in the empty banquet hall, then was later removed peacefully by local law enforcement officers and was briefly held at the mental health ward of the Sonoma County Jail. He later claimed to have seen the documentary,"Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove" by talk show host Alex Jones.


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