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Imagine – in the “Age of Imagery” by Simon Shack

An article by Stewart Ogilvy, appeared in Veterans Today about Simon Shack and the Clues Forum.

It followed on the heels of Jim Fetzer's article dismissing Clues Forum and the concept of 9/11 as an event that was pulled off mainly by way of Hollywood style fakery.

The following is Simon's contribution to the article which was removed by Ogilvy at the behest of VT's editor, Jim Dean.

Imagine – in the “Age of Imagery”

by Simon Shack
21 January, 2014

Imagine the news media without the ‘magic’ of imagery. Imagine a world without videos or pictures – only radio and printed press. Just imagine. It’s a bit hard to do (John Lennon may disagree) yet that’s what the public had to rely upon not so long ago, before the advent of photography and TV.

Without imagery, we’d have to put our blind trust in faceless voices & scribes to keep us informed of what’s going on around this world. We’d only have those news media folks’ word for it – assuring us that their words were trustworthy and true. If a volcano erupted somewhere around the globe, a thousand words couldn’t even begin to describe what the fiery spectacle looked like in reality. With no imagery to back the story up – we’d have to IMAGINE it all for ourselves. Imagine that.

Without any visuals of daily news events reaching our eyes, inquiring minds would inevitably start wondering whether any given event described by these voices & scribes were being truthfully relayed – or if the event even took place at all. Hey, didn’t Orson Welles fool his audience back in 1938 with his simulated CBS radio ‘news’ broadcast of a dramatic alien invasion? The shocking ‘news broadcast’ terrified many Americans and a public outcry ensued – yet this cheap corporate media hoax was hailed as a ‘work of art’ by many pundits.

Fortunately, all this is now a thing of the past… Today, we can count on what is considered the most acute of our five senses – eyesight – to empirically verify that any sort of news event occurred as reported, can we not? We could rightly say that we live in the “Age of Imagery” – what with the tons of pictures, movies and videos that jostle for our attention on a daily basis. To be sure, any modern news story is unfailingly accompanied with visuals of the same – virtually making you feel as if “you were there”. Virtually, that is. Virtually. And that is the whole point of the matter.

An image may be worth a thousand words – but it may also prop up a thousand lies.

An image can only be considered, at best, as a virtual copy of reality. It cannot be used to prove the real-world occurrence of what it purports to depict. Any moviegoer knows that. Only a madman would contend that the ‘Empire State building’ (in fact, a digital depiction thereof) seen exploding and collapsing top-down in the 1996 movie “Independence Day” PROVES that it was actually destroyed in reality… On 9/11, we were shown two skyscrapers collapsing on TV in almost identical fashion (top-down). As it is, none of the extant and wildly contradictory images depicting these two physically inexplicable collapses proves that the event occurred as shown. Au contraire: its inconsistent, artificial and non-physical aspects strongly support the thesis that what was shown on TV on 9/11 was nothing but a “Hollywood-style” production – from start to finish.

As it is, this thesis has been thoroughly tested and corroborated by our longstanding research at… and… : what we saw on TV on 9/11 was a pre-fabricated ‘action movie’. Only minutes after “Flight 11” allegedly hit the first tower at 8:46AM, the TV audience was treated to sweeping, “aerial TV-chopper birds-eye views” of Manhattan – and so the 102-minute blockbuster was underway…Bring the popcorn, sonny ! If you – dear reader – have not viewed my 90min September Clues research documentary, perhaps you may wish to do so now. The thing is, what TV aired on 9/11 cannot be described – or much less depicted – with words.

Apart from demonstrating the wholesale (pre-)fabrication of the 9/11 TV imagery (and the subsequently released “amateur footage”), we have also performed extensive investigations into what is, undoubtedly, the most ‘sensitive’ issue of the entire 9/11 scam : the purported victims of the day – which have turned out to be every bit as fictitious as the 9/11 TV imagery itself. To this day, no solid evidence has emerged as to how many died on 9/11 – if any. The lack of real victims does not diminish in any way the criminal nature of this – and other similar – government-backed psyops. It only helps explain why so many people would go along with them – no questions asked – for personal profit. Had you realized that this world is riddled with greedy rats?

Our collective efforts spanning over more than half a decade have allowed us to establish, with a fair degree of certainty, that the major Anglo-American TV networks (and the international ‘media cartel’ as a whole) – acting as the lackeys and on behalf of the “powers that be” – were fully complicit in staging this epochal news hoax which, they say, “has changed the world forever”…

Over the years, unsurprisingly we may say, relentless efforts have been deployed by our opponents to dismiss, ridicule our simply downplay the significance of our findings. Our 9/11 research has been ostracized, banned and censored from most 9/11 “truther” forums and websites. A steady flow of outlandish media-absolving theories have been churned out, manifestly designed to try and restore some credibility to the phony 9/11 imagery – such as: “the planes were holograms” (thus, the TV imagery was real…), “the towers were pulverized by exotic weapons” (thus, the TV images showing absurd collapse-physics were real…) and so on and so forth.

Let us rejoice, ladies and gents. After all, 9/11 has provided us with a precious revelation. We – as in “the humanity as a whole” – owe to this sorry scam our newfound and all-important awareness: the use of FAKE IMAGERY – aired and published all over their global media networks – has been singled out as the prime weapon of mass distraction used by the ‘powers that be’ (or “The Nutwork ”, as I like to call it). It has been – for several decades now – the main pillar of their rule-by-deception strategy – and Its hypnotic effect on the masses has proven to be very efficient indeed. Its ‘practical applications’ are manifold and certainly not confined to the staging of phony terrorist attacks. But let us not digress – this is all for another day.

May reason prevail

Simon Shack



  1. Simon Shack is a schill period. All he does is disect fake footage. So what? Look who his ties are to... What a crock. He is about as phony as his assertions and the rabbit hole he is leading all who believe him down. How do we know everything and anyhting is really REAL. another kook with some truth mixed in a bag of


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