Monday, January 27, 2014

Hoax Busters Call: Luscious Chunks of Audio*

Call 166

China, Jim from China, Markus,History, Jan Erik Hansen, Germany invades Norway, Wrong Is Right, September 11 Hoax, Street Theater, David Icke calls in, Adam Curry, No Agenda, Apple VS. PC,10 most annoying voices in the world, Alan Watt, Mall shooting, Racial breakdown of conspiracy theorists, The question of History, Predictive Programming, Television rots your brain. (*coming soon,maybe)

Hoax Busters Call Chat Transcripts

Enter Code: 90337


  1. Chris, why do link to the sleuths chat-grabber when talkshoe has it's own?

  2. That one is third party as well.
    I think Markus had his first.

    1. lol..ok dude.. Didn't realize it was third party. Well, I'm skeptical of intentions when ones site generates $ by hits. Haven't heard the call yet, downloaded for later consumption. take it easy..

  3. Chris: That sound program is $9.99. Incidentally, PCs are far cheaper due to so many different manufacturers. They don't always work as well due to the disparate vendors, but overall they are very reliable. You can get 3x the computer - especially if you go reconditioned. I buy reconditioned via tigerdirect and never had a problem. Last Apple I owned was a ][+

  4. I thought you were talking about this:

    But, I see it's mac only.

    Reconditioned is the way to go. All the kinks have been worked out.

    Compatibility and virus issues has plagued everyone I know who owns a pc computer. Also, there's tons of crap out there that runs windows. A laptop that my sister gave my mom, overheated and de-soldered it's processor after a couple of years from brand new.(come to find out that that brand laptop was notorious for it's shoddy heat sink).

    You've seemed to have the opposite experience, I guess that's just luck-of-the-draw with all this stuff.

    There's a lot of variables at play but I think that a used or reconditioned Mac can be a pretty good value. The way that the mac software is all integrated and works is a huge benefit in my experience.

    I swear that I'm not a Mac cultist.


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