Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hoax Busters: A 5hr intellectual Hayride

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No. 165

Tech difficulties, High Tech Horror, Baking Soda, Insurance, Tornadoes, Making Hay with Robin Fisher, Dinosaurs, Jesuits, Rotary Club, Freemasons, The Moon, The Tides, Tidal Pools, Toothpaste, Fluoride, Fluoride in Toothpaste, Round Robin with Robin, History: Fact or Fiction?, King James, The Holy Bible, Anti-Gravity, The Gravity of the Situation, Aldus Huxley, Cures for: (Athletes Feet, Cold Sores, Bad Breath, Nasal Issues, Bid Flu,), Jim Fetzer, Ab Irato, Fakeologist, Alex Jones, Get You Mind Right,Google Flu Map, That Flag Pole is Actually a Cell Tower By The Way, Contaact Lens Augmented Reality and Google Glass,Sim Rebublic and The Sentient World Simulation,The Crystal Palace, Can You Trust History?, 95% Percent of all Books Are Now Out of Print.

Hoax Busters Call Chat Transcripts

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  1. http://www.nelloinc.com/wireless-cell-towers/disguised-cell-towers-flag-poles.cfm

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  3. Quote that perfectly sums up the bible.
    “But the bible is a book from a semitic area written by semites and edited by Europeans over time. IT IS NOT FOR US. Whites are of a totally different nature and character than Christ.”

    My response:
    this is key for those who think that Christianity has any place in White Culture. CI retards really need to let go of this figure and embrace OUR culture and history, not the one given to us by the ones they claim to be exposing.

    They must not be able to see the light or they became racially aware as a Christian or Born again etc. and they cannot separate the two.

    We have our own History, the only history that is shrouded in mystery. because of infiltration and perversion..

    Any WN who is pushing Christianity along with White racial awareness is either a retard or is 100% controlled opposition… no doubt at all in my last statement.

    You cannot gain freedom within the confines of a story created to suppress you."

    Weishaupt was jewish. Mein kampf was alleged to be EDITED by that Jesuit priest, not written. What does that prove anyway? that it was edited by a Jesuit? You think Hitler would have let it be produced if it did not reflect his ideas? come on.

    These guys and the Jesuits boogeyman. The Jesuits only seem to be a problem for the mental retards who believe the Bible is the word of God.

    It's sad to see how deep that poison has been placed into Whites and the world over. Bible is perfect mental control. Who is the master at that game?

    also why do you use marks chat grabber? I thought talkshoe had it own or used to?

    anyway good call for the parts that did not make me cringe, some of this Jesuit stuff just seem "old hat" at times same with this Freemason/Rotary and any other club. stuff. No, it's not ALL one group, I know.

    Why is the sleuth coming on for free now?

    1. Hey Tim from D.C, you just plagiarised what others have said on other forum discussions, why don't you draw your own conclusions, or even better, just start quoting KKK David Duke, he's of the same whitey B/S mindset.

      Oh wait a minute your the Chris Taylor sim. What a joke.



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    3. re-read my post please. I think you missed a key. with that said plagiarism is a heavy accusation.

      Your last sentence in regards to dr. david duke the con-artist proves your knowledge or lack there of, on the WN subject.

      "my response"

      also who says my name is Tim anyway? Possible "sim" creation of mine as well and the "Chris Taylor" "aybesea" "jankyj" etc. I might have used "Tim" since Chris was already taken by Mr.Kendall.....

    4. Oh so now you guys are deleting posts, that's great.

      I better screen shot this one.

      Tim sim, Aybesea, Jankyj, Chris Taylor I don't really care who you are or aren't, I see your posts too, Satan = truth what sort of mumble jumble is that. I think you got confused along the way, while researching your mystery babylon jesuit crap and you started to believe their b/s.

      Then you jump into the KKK David Duke camp, freakin' white supremacy rubbish. "Be afraid white America their breeding out culture, it's genocide against white Americans" You wouldn't even know what culture is, or about mixed race families.

      I'm a New Zealand born second generation mixed race, my children will be third generation. I can trace back my fathers ancestry, who was a full blooded Samoan, 14 generations, which was passed down from father to son by mouth. I trace my mothers side back to Ireland throughout Spain 8 generations.

      Tell me Tim Sim where do you trace your white American Jewish bashing culture back to. The last sim you created or the last LSD popping tab you took at your All American white BBQ, football watching get together.

      Don't poison peoples minds with your b/s mix race crap.

    5. BTW Tim Sim, you know who raped our Samoan woman, it was the freakin' Catholic missionaries, and then we had to though it again with Hitlers army in Wll - you won't find that in any if their freakin' history books.

      American white genocide, what joke!

    6. it's not just American genocide.. Your hostility proves to me I am hitting a chord of truth you are not yet ready to realize.

      Look dude, it's plain as day. So, who was putting the money up for that invasion? Why on earth would the Jesuits want to kill their own people? If not for someone putting a massive amount of money in their face to have them sell their own people out.

      Whites are not innocent and you don't get a pass go card just for being White, to me. However, Whites are guilt of selling their own out in the past and presently for the material gain set up by the enemy.

    7. I tried to discuss this with you, in a polite manner, on your blog months ago but you deleted my post and didn't give any answers. Now that I put out there for everyone to see, you want to talk.

    8. well, if I deleted any comment it was by mistake. When people first started commenting I only had access with the Ipad. It is not friendly with BlogSpot. So if that did happen I apologize. Trust I would not delete comment. I was stoked people read let alone would take the time to comment..

      again, take it easy

  4. from the Herge Degrelle:

    Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry. A Biographical Dictionary by Robert A. Maryks sites.google.com…

    So Fisher thinks that Hitler was set up by ‘the Jezooits,’ huh ? I guess he was too busy with ’the knights templar’ to have seen this historical document:

    “The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland.” A Propaganda Pamphlet by Hubert Hermanns (1933) germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org… germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org… “Hitler and the NSDAP declared the Catholic order of the Jesuits ‘public vermin’ [Volkssch├Ądlingen] – the same term it used to describe the Freemasons. Conspiracy theories about the Jesuits had circulated since the seventeenth century, and the order had already been banned repeatedly. Entitled “The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland,” this propaganda pamphlet by Hubert Hermmans warned against the Jesuits’ ‘dark power’ and ‘mysterious intentions.’”

    Oh, but you see, it was the Jesuits setting up the Jesuits, to draw suspicion away from themselves setting up those poor, poor multi-trillionaire low-level Jew banksters ! lol

  5. Hey Kiwi Douchetard. Your culture is dying too. Your father started by mixing with drunkard irish folks.go build a canoe whie drinking Jameson and cracking coconuts on your head, Hey but have fun using white technology then talking shit on them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey fool you wouldn't have a clue about my culture nor your own.

    3. Hey Bro. here's a schooling on my New Zealand and Samoan heritage which many like me have preserved and are proud of.

      In New Zealand, all races respect the indigenous people, thanks to the Maori fighting spirit that has preserved it's culture in this system, I am not of Maori descent, but like most New Zealanders it is a part of the country we were born in, which is a great to be apart of.

      The next two video's are of my homeland Samoa, where my father was born and lived till 1952. These video's explain the journey of manhood, the samoan pe'a, a custom which started in 1400's and was adopted from the island of Fiji.

      A lot of Samoan's reside in New Zealand, 2nd and 3rd generations are still passed the Samoan culture through family, Samoan culture is also embraced by europeans and other ethnic races alike.


      Mixed races are apparent, but the love and respect by New Zealanders for different ethnic cultures make us unique in the world. It works, my family and I are proud to be apart of it, for now we are beating the system.

      Ala Samaon

  6. I deleted my post for spelling mistakes, OK. So,take as many screen shots as you like. One day you will come back to them and hopefully see the mistakes you've made.

    You're lost in this Jesuit junk because you are a Christian. The church perverted the "real" Christianty..sure..real Christianity is as bogus as the bible is truthful.

    I looked into the Satan stuff, Ok,,,so what is your point? That doesn't mean I have pentagrams all over because of a couple blog posts.

    You have a lot of maturing to do. That's why I am done for now with all this junk. You and the rest of this fakery group have gone nowhere, except one making money on it now and another starting to take donations. It is there choice to do so. I do not agree and have alwats stuck to that. You all fail to see this side of the truth you think you're exposing, has been given to you to swirl around in. A story doesnt go buy that does have a "fakery" title to it on youtube. You think that it is by chance?

    You are blindly trusting these guys. How do you know "Chris Kendall" is even his real name? have you seen him talking or even a picture of him? Same with Mark he changes his last name Same with Ab and all the rest, including me. Same goes for you.

    No matter if Chris is real, he always comes across "real" but you never know ,dude.

    We are all faceless people who might not even exist in the reality we push or talk about. you see???

    That's not to say it is a blatant withholding of information. The same goes for me. Who am I? Just some dude with a ton of handles posting about stuff that interest me. Not for profit or hobby. Does that mean I am an agent? no. But be careful who you trust and support in this truth hobby. Basically trust no one, ever....

    So, anyway before getting all pissy towards me, look at who you are supporting in this goofy "truth" side of the internet.

    You see now how the enemy works and you are a victim of it. Blaming Whites or Crypto's for something in the past that was most likely paid for by the ones you refuse to name. Your hostility shows in your comments towards me.

    I do not support Duke or most others in the White Nationalist movement. To me it's run by the enemy, anyway. There is a lot of validity to what those guys say. But again, who are they???? I don't know. So I will not support someone I do not know and cannot see or at the very least match a face to the voice. I take what info I can, back it up and it ends there.

    Chris's call last night had good info on it. The baking soda stuff I totally forgot about, so that was a nice refresher. That is real stuff, provable. Not by seeing mis-matched shadows that may or may not be a CGI creation. Which does happen, to what degree we do not know. So to lump as they do, all we see into fakery CGI land is grand generalzations. Same goes for the nationalists.

    This whole truth stuff has so many created angles some take a life of their others are put there, like AJ for instance. . So take it easy and keep YOUR search going strong.

    1. Talofa. Afio Mai Tim

      Thanks for explaining your point and mindset, although I don't agree completely with the mix race issues, to me some of that stuff has a racist undertone, which is uncomfortable.

      I'm done with all of this fakery/truth history seeking, I found the truth 12 years ago. The only real fakery I seem to have found, is a whole lot of people sitting behind their computer screens, with their double standards, trying to be something that their not.

      All the best to you all.

      Tofa Soifua

      "E fanau mai e ia le tama tane, e te faaigoa foi ia te ia o Iesu; aua e faaola e ia lona nuu ai a latou agasala." Mataio 1: 21

  7. The Hoaxbusters calls and the comments as well are very thought provoking. Thanks all!

  8. Did Aybesea pull the plug on his blog? Can't seem to access it.


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