Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty is Fake (Full in depth investigation)


I like this guy's no-nonsense and direct videos exposing silly television "reality" programs.

This one seems poignant because of the current contrived controversy surrounding a scripted statement by one of the phony personas on the show.

Another thing that is interesting is how facial hair completely changes peoples perceptions.


  1. no way, Chris, those beads are awesome. Even if the show is fake (what show isn't), those beard rock, dude...... Maybe, they decided to grow them on their own, or were persuaded to grow them, to fit the image, created, of the redneck white boys... demonizing the white boys. did you always have a beard?

    Beards that badass, take some time to grow, assuming they are real. I'm not to familiar with the shows.

    Did they debut with them on the first episode? if not, again, assuming they are real. They would have had to start growing them well in advance of the shows debut. To fit the manufactured image the producers want to push, upon debuting the show.

    take it easy, dude....

    1. They may be real beards but, who knows? I think the guy busted them out pretty good.

  2. As soon as you introduce a cameraman into a situation and the subjects are aware of the camera, you have altered that reality. From that point on they're putting on a show for the camera and if you don't get enough shots for the story to make sense, you have to shoot pick-ups to connect scenes and make sense out of things.

    The main reason for so-called redneck "reality" shows and the many products connected to them, (a whole branch of current propaganda parallel to the commercials making the black guy look cool studly and the white guy look a clumsy dork), is to make a show of THE SYMBOLS that have come to represent "America." These symbols stand in for the reality so that middle class victims of the communitarian scam which IS that reality can more easily deny it and call it something else. They're doublethink supplements, the left has their own brand and the right theirs. The macho bearded-hunter symbolism is more for the right-wingers.

    But, but, but . . . . aren't Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage (he died by running his car into a tree), the Navy Seals, all these Chopper-building tough guys and outlaw biker types, all these MMA fighters, all these backwoods hunting and fishing rednecks, aren't they going to come and save the day? Surely THEY must be for freedom and the "American way" even if they come to it by a douchebag angle ?

    The answer is: of course, not! It makes no difference how much these people get to peacock their feathers and act macho and "patriotic" and "god, guns & country," like Ted Nugent on Alex Jones, the bottom line is they are powerless in front of real power and they know it, they can sense it by instinct. Just like they castrated the phallic symbols of the USA in the form of the WTC towers, the elite Jews are now making a further show of power by castrating these traditional symbols of White American manhood in public, first giving them exposure and popularity and then making them apologize for political incorrectness or get thrown off shows, apologize like wimps for not liking homosexuals and even for saying blacks did not have it as bad in the South as has been assumed. Any real American man would consider this his inalienable right to free-speech and his own opinions, spit in their face and refuse to co-operate and that's the whole point: allowing the empty symbols to continue while emasculating them publicly.

    ~ Negentropic MK I

  3. (continued)

    Scripted or not, they are being conveyed this message: they can be as "macho" as they want as long as they do EXACTLY what the elite Jews tell them to do. After all, what are they, some kind of "racis" or homophobe? Don't they know they're not allowed to be a "hater"? Don't they know they're not allowed to hate anything or anyone anymore no matter what your reason? But if it's the reasons you're given by propaganda then you can be as rabid and self-righteous in your hatred as you want. You can hate a "hater" all you want, can't you? You can hate a "racist" all you want, can't you? Well, you were told from the "right sources," nudge, nudge, wink, wink, that they deserve it don't they? After all, they are irrational bigots and do not have the right to their own brains and free choice! So, be a good Pavlov doggie and obey your brainwashing but don't forget to pat yourself on the back as well, as the brainwashing allows, for being a "good person" who "doesn't discriminate" based on race but still wouldn't be caught in a black ghetto after-dark in a thousand years, still would never send your kids to a majority black-and-Mexican school but would send them a majority white school in a heartbeat.

    Don't you know you're not allowed to dislike anything you feel is harmful to your well-being strongly and passionately and love its opposite just as strongly? That's right! Hate and love have no correlation to each other anymore! Haven't you heard the noose? Strong emotions are taboo. What did Neal Peart write in "Tom Sawyer" ? "Catch the mystery, catch the drift," can you catch the drift of the propaganda? Not very hard to do.

    So, all these handlebar moustached tattooed grease monkeys modifying Harleys and Choppers and pushing a "badass," "rebel" image, all the roid-ragers spending 3 hours a day at the gym, all the various Mixed Martial Arts fights, the Steve McQueen "Bullitt" Shelby style retro Mustangs and the 60s style Camaros, bearded backwoods rednecks who like to hunt and fish and Bible-thump, Clint Eastwood's tired old ass in that stupid Gran Torino flick, all of these are there to give the false impression that the old America is still intact and re-assure the serfs that everything is still OK, as the rug is simultaneously being pulled out from under them. The serfs pay good money for this reassurance of their denial after 60% of their wages has already been whisked away through a whole myriad of hidden and not-so-hidden taxes.

    What they're telling them is "there is nothing to worry about," American values are still here. Never mind that yoke of usury from your first breath to last, the pioneer spirit that built America is still here LOOKING OUT FOR YOU! Look at these bearded hillbillies, they're millionaires. Why the fuck aren't you, loser? It must be because you're lazy. Try harder slave and you just might succeed in kissing enough ass to win the master's favor before your next heart attack.

    ~ Negentropic MK II


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