Thursday, November 7, 2013

The innate musicality of human beings

Rod Hampton

Is it talent or nature unimpeded?

This video came from a place called based in Washington state.

Obviously, they know how to unleash the music inside human beings.


If we can learn to speak our native languages - through use and without special instruction - then why can't everyone play music?

Maybe not play "great" but play enough to express ourselves and play with others...

It's because we've made "learning music" into a "thing" that has to happen in a certain, narrow way and according to a certain schedule. No one really learns anything this way. Not well at least.

Musicians are the people who either get good help around all that bullshit and/or figure it out themselves independent of the "New Musical World Order."

Why did the US have such an amazing flowering of music in the 20th century: jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul etc.

In the old days, in poor black neighborhoods in the US, people played music night and day and everyone played. They had western instruments, but an African approach to music, i.e playing music was a normal part of everyday life.

That's why so many insanely great musicians emerged from these communities. In that culture, there was a whole environment where playing music was totally normal, there were lots of chances to play, playing music was respected, kids had daily opportunities to play and it was as important and natural as learning to talk. Also, being an accomplished musician was prestigious.

Today the air is filled with cr@p music you can get by pushing a button, no one sees live music or if they do it's a big special occasion, people don't play music in their homes and there's a whole "industry" to teach people how to play music.

This insures practically no one learns anything...

And yet music and musicians still find a way.



  1. I believe, as well, that we are all musical (Uni=1, Verse=Song, Universe=1Song. Geeky shit, like that ;). I was wondering if you had an opinion on the A 440 Vs. A 432, tuning debate? Do you think that could have anything to do with impeding nature and our inherent musicality? Cheers!

    1. I think that the subject of cymatics is fascinating for sure. When looking at that vid ( I had forgotten which was supposed to be preferable but I knew after listening to one example. 440 is kind of irksome


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