Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homeland Security In Your Clorox

This was sent to me by a listener in Sweden....

There are basically three different approaches to increase the security related to these materials;

1) limiting their availability,

2) tracking their use or

3) limiting their usefulness as explosives or explosives precursors.

This third approach is the way forward and the goal for the PREVAIL project. The PREVAIL project focus on finding inhibitors to prevent production of home made explosives. Another project goal is to find a marker/detection system to facilitate detection of illegal use. These objectives must be met without obstruction the legitimate use of the products and without causing any adverse effects on the environment or people’s health.

Since this project will strongly influence manufacturers, users, legislators and governmental security agencies, the ties between the project and the stakeholders is strong. The industrial partners will identify if added inhibitors and markers need extra testing for safety.

PREVAIL will perform research into marker/detection systems rather than just markers, in order to ensure detectability of the markers. The markers will be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and bio-degradable. This will be done by using bee bio-detectors, quartz crystal microbalance sensors and chemical gas detectors.

Since it is the government that brings in all the "illegal" street drugs, this may be a way to crack down on meth manufacturing to help eliminate competition.

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