Friday, November 1, 2013

Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

Affirmative action and the incentivising of illegal immigration are all part of the dialectic process to encourage the rise of "hate groups".

Along with this is the constant prodding of the media with "Trayvon Martin", "Rodney King", "O.J.", etc...,etc...

American whites have had no real culture to speak of other than that which involves chasing after the dollar.

Think about it... marriage, birth, graduation, mothers day, fathers day, 4th of july, halloween equates to : cake($$$),gifts($$$),costumes($$$),firecrackers($$$).
When you lose your job , you lose your "culture" and you look for someone to blame that happens to be an easy target.

Jews have traditionally been set up as scapegoats for some reason. From what I understand, they were blamed for the outbreak of the bubonic plague.

It was thought that the Jews had tainted the well water when actually it had more to do with wading around all day in their own shit.

But hey, why change up the script when it works so flawlessly and people fall for it every single time?

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