Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I know most of us know that the TSA is bullshit but you have to hand it to the guy who had the cajones to make this vid.

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  1. this is the shit we need. people within these organizations to expose the bullshit from within. now, the Joow media and the other organization they fund and own are taking action against this civilian, so others do not dare do it again.

    same thing goes for private pilots. they have ZERO security they go through before flying.

    so, if we take 911 at face value, what's to stop a terrorist from flying a private aircraft into a pubic place?

    also if you want damage to be done why even use a plane? just go to the damn terminals and set off a bomb. why even take a plane? you need shock an awe to win over the goyim.

    Just shows you the logic the general population is lacking. 911 and all the terror programs set up to prevent this "event" from taking place again, is just smoke and mirrors.

    look at the 9 year old who boarded a flight to Vegas the other day.. went right through all the security...

    the TSA is now in concert and sporting arenas as well.


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