Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Re-Engineering the Earth - Using Cloud-Seeding GeoEngineering to Solve Global Warming

Predictive Programming: Blade Runner

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  1. I first heard the term "global seeding" on a New Zealand student radio station. There's no doubrt global seeding will become a new normal term, used is fight the imaginary global warming boogie man.

    In the past I've entertained the idea that chem trails and the prodictive programming in such movies such as Blade Runner, The 5th Element and the Star Wars movies, were linked. Where the ground level of earth, especially in the cities, was a dark seedy epliction, where the sun never shines and the surfs dwell.

    I was quite surprised they immitted they could control the weather in that video and have done so for quite sometime. Everything is Fabian style with these people, waiting until the masses are ready to accept their warped immpliments of control.

    Do these scientists really believe their own bullshit that they feed the public. The world is heating up!!!!!!! Is all this global warming a cover to keep future generations "in the dark"

    I don't about you but I'm sick to death with this new age scientific religon they are shoving down our throat. Is the global warming propaganda put out there so our future generations can dwell in the dark and eat gmo foods, growen in warehouses??


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