Sunday, October 13, 2013

Caesar's Messiah Debunked - Joseph Atwill's Covert Messiah Refuted


Joseph Atwill interview with Tim:

The rise of Christianity, viewed from the perspective of Psychological Operations and Machiavellian Politics, would be consistent with the practice of creating an enemy in order to control opposition to it's power and then transition into a new phase of control with a new image.

Written "History", being the documented record of "events", is something in my opinion, that is never to be trusted because it has always been a useful tool to condition the minds of the slaves(us)and impose a contrived "identity" from which to collectively work.

This is the institutional substitute for the relating of stories, typically the role of a matriarch in a natural tribal type culture, that gave the people a true sense of where they came from and who they were by giving true accounts of ancestral deeds that were handed down through countless generations. This also included ideas about spiritual matters.

"Scholars" that occupy positions at "trusted","credentialed" universities are the gatekeepers of our collective narrative of "History."

I had a discussion with Chris White some time ago where I asked the question "Is it possible that historical documents and parchments can be fabricated for a certain agenda". He said it was possible.

9/11 was a fabricated, hoaxed event to change the perception of the mass mind. The official story is what will be presented as fact in our universities for the foreseeable future. What would make us so sure that Jesus or any other historical figure or event in the past was not also of the same nature?

As we are already aware; quite elaborate hoaxes are possible when you have the blessing and resources of the state at your disposal to conduct them.

To speak in this manner, however, is to throw the entirety of accepted "History" under the bus, so to speak, which is not something many are willing to do.


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  2. If you accept that historical documents can be fabricated, then how can there be any certainty in the historical accuracy of the Christian Bible?

  3. Atwill's evidence for this is circumstantial. But the gospel events did take place in the late AD 60s, which is why Jesus describes the siege of Jerusalem in Luke 19:43.

    If you want the complete evidence for this, and find out who Jesus really was, you need to read 'King Jesus' and 'Jesus, King of Edessa'.


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